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Signatures for Show us your interest in a Disc Golf Course on Belle Isle, Detroit, MI!

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1 JasonOhearn A disc golf course on belle isle would be great for the community!
2 JerryKucken I just took up disc golf 2 years ago, while my son has been playing for about 4-5 years. We play together all the time and it's a great family activity.
3 SamCann  
4 TayGoik As an Oakland county resident, I would travel many times a month to play a good disc golf course on Belle Isle. I would also be willing to create/draft a free professional course design, as well as volunteer my time to help build it. Make it happen!
5 KristyMoore I recently heard about the possibility of a disc golf course being installed on Belle Isle and I just wanted to express my approval of the project. I would love to see a course installed here and think it would be a great addition to the park.
6 StevenClark If you approve this disc golf course I might consider traveling to Detroit to play it. I would have to spend money on eating and get a hotel room. This would bring much needed tourism dollars to your city and help your city recover.
7 KevinFradeneck  
8 ScottWhite This would be a great great idea for land use on Belle Isle. There are no other good courses around here and it would bring a lot of new traffic to the Isle.
9 kevinMcgonigal  
10 ConnorFlood  
11 BenRuby  
12 eddyspeez  
13 MichaelEven  
14 DaveMilewski  
15 williamwieske disc golf would give me a reason to visit belle isle for the first time in many years. hopefully this is something we can make happen to keep this great sport growing.
16 ChrisMattox Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports. By giving money to the Belle Isle disc golf project you'll not only be providing the community a great recreational activity, you'll also be on the cutting edge of using disc golf as a tool for urban renewal
17 EvanO'Jack This would be really great. There are always people playing on the courses around Ann Arbor so I can easily imagine a lot of players going to Belle Isle.
18 GinaKhamo Do ittttt!
19 NicholasChrzan I think this would be an excellant idea for the disc golf community and to bring more people to the Detroit area.
20 SebastianGrobe Good luck! Disc golf is a phenomenal sport!!!
21 RossGladwin A disc golf course on Belle Isle is a GREAT idea. It is a low-maintenance, easy going sport that is super fun an inclusive for people of all ages and abilities. I don't live right in the city myself, but am always looking for good reasons to head down.
22 LoganTurner As a Co-Founder of Arroyo Disc Sports and Michigan native, I'm all about promoting the sport and see more courses go in around the world. Disc golf is a VERY ECONOMIC sport and doesn't cater to one specific type of person, but can be enjoyed by all.
23 AndreKormendi Would love to play there.
24 ScottVaughan This looks like a great piece of property and I would love to play there!
25 billwencel It would be great to have a coarse in the city i would go state side to play!!!!
26 RyanRios I am so happy to see disc golf in Detroit. Thank you everyone responsible.
27 DwayneKay  
28 ChuckDeVries Great idea. Done right it would be a destination course!
29 DonVan Houtte A disc golf course would be great for the city and citizens since it is so inexpensive.
30 ShaunRobison This is a great idea! I love detroit and think I disc golf park would benefit Detroit residents greatly.
31 JeriBohms Would love to see a course on Belle Isle! Feels like a perfect fit and great addition to downtown Detroit!
32 dankilgore I've played at least 1 Disc GOLF course in every state and I've played in Europe and Canada. I'll come and play Belle Is. if you construct one. They'res a lot of casual players in your area that would benifit from this project
33 KieranMikesell  
34 AdamEckler  
35 ShaneBates look forward to playing here!
36 PJVeltri A disc golf course would bring so many golfers to the area
37 MarkJones  
38 AndrewTuma such a beautiful setting for a disc golf course, i would love to play there!!